Thinking of trying a class? Read this first!

On the fence about trying a Stroller Strides class? Here are a few common concerns many of our moms have before they try their first class…

I am too out of shape to keep up.

We strive to make Stroller Strides a welcoming and safe place for all moms, and you don’t need to worry if it’s your first time exercising in years. We will take care of you and welcome you with open arms!

Our classes are designed to be accessible to pregnant moms, moms who haven’t exercised in years, newly postpartum moms and moms who are in excellent shape and looking for a challenge. Our highly trained instructors will offer modifications for every exercise to make sure all of our moms feel successful and challenged at a level that is comfortable to them.

My baby/toddler/older child will hate being in the stroller for an hour.

Our class formats are designed to keep the kids moving, entertained and happy. Many of the exercises include interaction with the little ones in the strollers, and our instructors are armed with bubbles, toys, books, puppets and all kinds of other tricks to keep your little one happy. We don’t stay in one place for long, and keeping your little one happy is a huge part of our mission during our workout. Sometimes you just have to try your first free class to believe it! We also encourage moms to pack snacks, special toys and even the occasional electronic device (no judgment from us!) if needed. Moms, time for you and time for exercise is beneficial to your children, too, because it means you can be a better mom. Everyone will be happier if you take an hour for yourself, so if it takes an extra snack or a few minutes of screen time to reach that goal, we support you.

In our Northern Colorado locations of Greeley, Windsor and Fort Collins, children over age 4 who can follow directions, stay in a safe place (such as behind the line of strollers or off to the side) and not be a distraction to the moms are allowed to be out of the stroller and playing with bubbles or chalk. (This is a location specific rule so please double check with the instructor about the workout format and her preference). However, the child MUST be out of the way of the exercising moms for everyone’s safety. We also don’t want moms missing out on valuable workout time because they are chasing their runaway child or having to referee the older children, so use your discretion as to whether or not your older child is responsible enough to be out of the stroller without causing a problem or a safety hazard.

I like a tough, boot camp style workout, and I don’t think Stroller Strides will be challenging enough.

Our workouts are designed to challenge even the fittest of moms! We offer modifications for all exercises to make them accessible to all moms no matter their fitness level. We love to challenge all of our clients, and we offer advanced modifications for those who want it.

I don’t have a jogging stroller to use.

Any stroller will work fine! We don’t recommend umbrella strollers, but running/jogging strollers are not required.

I don’t have a yoga mat for class.

A towel will work just fine!

I keep getting ready to go and then realize I’m going to be late. I hate to show up late so I’d rather not go to class.

We are all moms, and we know how tough it is to get out the door on time. You are welcome to come 5, 10, even 55 minutes late! Sometimes as moms the best thing we can do for ourselves is get out of the house for a while, and our instructors and clients know that. We will be happy to see you even if it’s for the cool down or the play date afterwards!


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