Motivating Mom - Angela

Hello, my name is Angela Callaway. I feel so honored to have been chosen as the Fit 4 Mom Northern Colorado Motivating Mom for September. I am married to my husband Luke for 9 years now. We have two boys. Thomas is 4 and Hunter is 3. My weight loss story begins in 2015. I took my son for his two year old checkup. As I was standing at the reception desk the lady checked us all in and then looked up at me. She said “so when are you due?” I probably gave her a very mean look and said “I am not pregnant!” At first I was very angry at the lady thinking “I do not look pregnant, what is she talking about.” A few days later I was getting ready to go somewhere. I remember looking in the mirror and it just hit me like a rock. “Oh my goodness! I look pregnant and I am NOT!” A couple days later I came across a post on Facebook that one was my friends was tagged in. It was for FIT4MOM. I clicked on the link and from that moment on my life has completely changed! I went through two and a half sessions of Body Back. From August 2015 to March 2016 I lost 35 pounds and gained so much confidence. My boys would say “Mommy, you got workout class tonight” and nights when I would work out at home they started to work out with me. I loved seeing my boys alongside me doing burpees and pushups. My instructor Laura brought out a side of me I always knew was there but could never find on my own. She pushed me and supported me through my whole weight loss journey. After my session of Body Back was over in March Laura was telling me about their running classes. I kept telling her that I was not a runner and there was no way I could do it. With her support and my determination I signed up for the class. At the beginning of the year I made it my goal for 2016 to do a 5k, 10k and a half marathon. So far I have ran two 5ks, a 10k and I will be doing my first half marathon mid-September. Each week I am running distances I have never before and with the support and encouragement of trainer Laura and Melissa I am reaching my goals and will never look back. Thank you FIT4MOM for changing not only my life but my whole families lives.


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