Body Back Journey - Week 7

Week 7 of Body Back ended with a move which required us to put both feet in a swing, take a plank position, and alternate between pushups and knee-tucks, all while trying not to sprain our backs with an out-of-control swing. It was tough, but it was like doing a single crunch after the Monday workout two days earlier.

Monday of Week 7, we weighed in, and I was down 3 lbs after a week of very mindful eating and keeping active. The workout Laura had planned for us seemed easy enough at first. She’d chalked out circuit stations of box jumps, wall balls, bicep curls, pushups, squats – a minute at each station and as many rounds as we could get done in the hour. Our goal was to improve our numbers with each round.

I have loved Body Back, and every class has felt like an exhilarating push to see what my body can do. Last Monday was a push to see what my body could do, but if I’m being real about it, it was the first class that was nothing short of ugly for me. When I went to tuck in my kids after class, my five-year-old said “Whoa, you look like you had a difficult night at body class!” The ugly was obvious.

I pushed it too hard in the first round, and then I got competitive. That push and competition go hand in hand with the community and friendship of Body Back, and I would not have done nearly as well this last 7 weeks if I hadn’t been doing it with a great group of women. When the circuit workout was getting literally painful, when I thought if I had to do one more box jump to beat my first set I might blow a glute, all I could do was look at the chalked numbers and initials on the sidewalk. The other ladies had done 11 and then 15 and then 17, and they hadn’t quit. They were grunting and sweating and giving it 100%. When my legs are tired mid-workout or my diaphragm is crying for help, I think “They aren’t quitting - you can’t be the one who quits! You will all finish this!” And I keep going.

And so I went home after Monday’s workout feeling a lot less enthusiastic and a lot more sore than normal, but I hadn’t given in to the voices saying I couldn’t do it, and neither had anyone else. Our last week of Body Back starts tomorrow, and ugly or not, I know I will power through and head into final assessments in far better shape than I started, and I will have added to my tribe these amazing women who have been badasses right alongside me.


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