Body Back Journey - Week 2

Signing up for Body Back, I really had no idea what I was getting into. I’d heard of the various Fit4Mom classes and had talked to friends about them, but what I didn’t know was that Body Back is an entire program that reaches way beyond just the twice-weekly workouts. That first session, when I left with food journals and a workout DVD as well as a program guide, I was a little worried I’d gotten in over my head.

I’ve now done two weeks of the program, and most of Week 1 my poor preparation left me with unplanned meals and a lot of straying from the Body Back journal plan. I ate many of my staples – yogurt and granola, English muffins and eggs, grilled chicken salads – and was happy to find those in the meal lists after the fact. At the end of Week 1, with the upcoming Monday weigh-in on my mind, my family went camping, and I cheated with bacon, half a poptart, turkey hot dogs, orange soda and s’mores. I even ate a couple oreos. I splurged in moderation, but for someone who doesn’t normally eat sugar and was supposed to be following a meal plan program, it felt kind of gross.

Now, normally, that kind of “cheat day” would lead to a cheat week and completely throw me off my diet. Instead, with the accountability and community of Body Back urging me back on track, I came home from camping, did my coaches’ ab workout homework, and sat down to plan meals for the week. We were given the homework assignment of following the journals as closely as possible during Week 2 and posting pictures of our meals in the group Facebook page.

I’ve never done that kind of meal planning, but by Sunday afternoon I had a full week’s calendar of breakfasts, lunches, snacks, and dinners, all from the BB journal meals. It took me almost an hour, sorting through several journals’ recipes and grab-and-go meal plans while my kids played in the back yard. I planned meals like tilapia, turkey burgers, tostada salads, and chicken stir fry that I knew my kids would eat. My fridge was stocked with BB foods, and I was ready for a new week, hopefully one free of poptarts and s’mores.

In Body Back, we weigh in at the start of each Monday class, and I was surprised to see a nearly 2 lb drop in my number that second Monday. Despite my feeling out of control with camping meals, I had been active all week and mindful of my portions. My reward was a Monday class that was 2 lbs lighter and 2 lbs easier on my body. And I needed it for the hard, high intensity hour Melissa had planned for us that night! “As long as you give me 100%, it doesn’t matter if you do 2 pushups or 30,” Melissa tells us at the start of each round of squats, pushups, anchored arms, or hill runs. “You’re strong, Mamas!”

That accountability and community are what make me push myself to 100% for an hour. I leave the BB classes with my legs burning and my shirt soaked in sweat, and I feel fantastic. I watch the other women in the group work their butts off each night, too, and I loved seeing their journal posts on our Facebook group during the last week as we all completed our meal journal homework.

Wednesday’s class was a beautiful evening workout around Windsor Lake, and as we walked, jogged, and ran the last third of the path back to the parking lot, we meditated on mantras of our own strengths. My legs are strong. My body is lean. My heart is strong. My mind is calm. Step after step, I can do this.


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