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Do you ever get that feeling that your life is getting out of hand? As moms, we are often pulled in a thousand different directions. We are like plate spinners - desperately trying to keep all the plates spinning and not letting any fall. By the end of the day we are left exhausted and usually one or two plates are shattered on the floor.

I recently felt like one of these plate spinners. I was spinning so many plates that each day I would inevitably let one drop and end the day feeling like a failure. I realized that this was no way to live life. I wanted to feel accomplished at the end of each day. I wanted to feel powerful and in control of every facet of my life. So I scheduled a meeting with Jaymi Anderson, life coach.

Going into our meeting I knew very little about life coaching. Was this going to be like a therapy session? Would I end up lying on a sofa with a box of tissues? Jaymi explained to me that she was a certified life coach. She told me that her job was not to tell me what to do, but it was to guide me in making decisions that would help me achieve...


This is my story, of the journey I have been on and continue to ride through, beginning during my pregnancy up to now with my now 2yr old baby girl, Arielle. I am telling my story because not enough people do, because my story is not one of pure bliss and happiness and everything-is-wonderful when you have a baby in your life, beyond the usual newborn difficulties. My story is one of Post Partum depression, PPD, also known as simple Post Partum Mood Disorder. Even though nearly 25% of mothers experience this phenomenon, and we do see some literature about it being passed around at your pre-birth classes and Dr’s offices, it can be hard to truly read and have expectations or understanding of what you may be experiencing should you have PPD.

The Pre-Birth Scenario: During my pregnancy, I tried to do all the right things. I ate well, I kept up with my workouts and just modified as needed, I would run outside 3 days a week for the exercise as well as the fresh and mood-improving air and sun/rain, and I kept myself busy and happy and focused on myself, my family, and...


When I became pregnant with my son, I was out of shape. Actually, that’s a nice way of putting it. I was overweight, ate poorly and got little to no exercise. We were living in Germany at the time and I ate a LOT of fried food and spent most of those cold, winter days sitting in front of the TV watching episodes of 24. When it came time for me to deliver Zach, I had a long labor and eventually had to have a c-section. Zach was 10 pounds, 3 ounces, and my recovery from the c-section was slow and painful.

Fast forward 6 years and I was giving birth to my third child.

In those six years I began to workout and eat right. I remained active throughout my entire pregnancy, running most days, lifting weights, and participating in group fitness classes like Step and Zumba. My daughter was born 7 pounds 8 ounces. I recovered from my repeat c-section much faster and was back down to my pre-pregnancy weight within 3 weeks.

The benefits of prenatal exercise can not be denied. Gone are the days when a pregnant woman was considered fragile. Today, The American College of...


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I’m sitting down this afternoon to put together the results sheets for our most recent session of Body Back, and I’m FLOORED by our mamas’ results! In a world of wraps, shakes, supplements and all kinds of quick fixes, it is so encouraging to be a part of a program that is nothing more than healthy eating, hard work and support. These ladies helped each other for 8 weeks, holding each other accountable for healthy nutrition and getting in their workouts. They helped each other drink more water, realize their self worth and make small changes in their daily habits. The community within a Body Back session is a huge part of why it is so successful! Laura and I love coaching mamas to be the best version of themselves, and we can’t wait for the next session to begin.

And y’all…these results speak volumes! I'm just uploading mama Kalie's now...stay tuned for more!


When I first made the decision to get in shape it was a giant step. For the first time I felt like I was really taking charge of my life. As a mom, I had always felt like I gave so much to my family and had little left for myself. But now I was allowing myself 90 minutes every day to focus on me. I watched what I ate, I worked hard on my fitness and I lost weight that I had carried around for years. It felt great!

But as time went on, I realized that there was more to this lifestyle change. Yes, I was making a positive change for myself. But it became even more clear that I was also changing my children’s perception of me. They started to use words like “strong” and “tough” to describe me. They would try to impress me by holding a plank or showing me how many jumping jacks they could do. They would regale me with their knowledge of clean eating and why processed foods are so bad for us.

In a time when more than one third of children and adolescents are overweight or obese, it is more important than ever to set a good example for our children with fitness and...


Hello, my name is Angela Callaway. I feel so honored to have been chosen as the Fit 4 Mom Northern Colorado Motivating Mom for September. I am married to my husband Luke for 9 years now. We have two boys. Thomas is 4 and Hunter is 3. My weight loss story begins in 2015. I took my son for his two year old checkup. As I was standing at the reception desk the lady checked us all in and then looked up at me. She said “so when are you due?” I probably gave her a very mean look and said “I am not pregnant!” At first I was very angry at the lady thinking “I do not look pregnant, what is she talking about.” A few days later I was getting ready to go somewhere. I remember looking in the mirror and it just hit me like a rock. “Oh my goodness! I look pregnant and I am NOT!” A couple days later I came across a post on Facebook that one was my friends was tagged in. It was for FIT4MOM. I clicked on the link and from that moment on my life has completely changed! I went through two and a half sessions of Body Back. From August 2015 to March 2016 I lost 35 pounds and gained...


Week 7 of Body Back ended with a move which required us to put both feet in a swing, take a plank position, and alternate between pushups and knee-tucks, all while trying not to sprain our backs with an out-of-control swing. It was tough, but it was like doing a single crunch after the Monday workout two days earlier.

Monday of Week 7, we weighed in, and I was down 3 lbs after a week of very mindful eating and keeping active. The workout Laura had planned for us seemed easy enough at first. She’d chalked out circuit stations of box jumps, wall balls, bicep curls, pushups, squats – a minute at each station and as many rounds as we could get done in the hour. Our goal was to improve our numbers with each round.

I have loved Body Back, and every class has felt like an exhilarating push to see what my body can do. Last Monday was a push to see what my body could do, but if I’m being real about it, it was the first class that was nothing short of ugly for me. When I went to tuck in my kids after class, my five-year-old said “Whoa, you look like you had a...

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Summer has always been my family’s time for relaxation and letting go…and since this Body Back journey is taking place in the fray of my real life, I took a two week family road trip in the middle of the Body Back program. We went to California and saw a lot of the state, and we spent a lot of time relaxing on the beach.

Normally when I go on vacation, I give myself a free pass on my eating. I guiltlessly eat theme park foods, daily poolside drinks, and a stream of chips and soda in the car. But what I didn’t want to do this year was leave feeling great about my body and come back to weigh in at Body Back having gained ten pounds, and then struggle through a workout. The reality is that life gives you breaks from your regular fitness and diet routine, but what I worked really hard on this time around was taking that break in moderation.

Since we were in national parks and at the ocean, I took advantage of what I had to stay active and model staying active with my boys. We hiked miles at a time in Yosemite and climbed boulders to get to waterfalls, I ran trails up...


Signing up for Body Back, I really had no idea what I was getting into. I’d heard of the various Fit4Mom classes and had talked to friends about them, but what I didn’t know was that Body Back is an entire program that reaches way beyond just the twice-weekly workouts. That first session, when I left with food journals and a workout DVD as well as a program guide, I was a little worried I’d gotten in over my head.

I’ve now done two weeks of the program, and most of Week 1 my poor preparation left me with unplanned meals and a lot of straying from the Body Back journal plan. I ate many of my staples – yogurt and granola, English muffins and eggs, grilled chicken salads – and was happy to find those in the meal lists after the fact. At the end of Week 1, with the upcoming Monday weigh-in on my mind, my family went camping, and I cheated with bacon, half a poptart, turkey hot dogs, orange soda and s’mores. I even ate a couple oreos. I splurged in moderation, but for someone who doesn’t normally eat sugar and was supposed to be following a meal plan program, it felt kind of...


Whether you’re a first time half marathoner or a seasoned veteran, you can benefit from joining a coached running training.

Here are just a few of the perks of signing up:

· You have a coach cheering you on! She will help you get through the obstacles that come up over the 12 weeks and share her race and running experience with you.

· You have a group of like-minded women in your corner who will be facing many of the same struggles and holding you accountable for finishing your training runs every week.

· You have both your coach and your group waiting for you on those long run mornings, making it much easier to skip the snooze button and finish those miles before the heat of the day.

· You have a forum to share your goals, whether they are as simple as crossing the finish line or as challenging as maintaining an 8:00 minute per mile pace, plus the experience of the coach to help you plan how to reach those goals.

· Mama, life is going to happen! Those babies are going to keep you up at night, a cold is...


Driving to my first Body Back session last Monday, I had no idea what to expect, and I was a little terrified. What if I was the biggest girl there? What if everyone else was in great shape and I couldn’t even do a pushup on my toes? What if they asked me to run a mile and I laid down on the sidewalk and cried? What if I just didn’t have it in me, whatever this Body Back program was? I pulled up to the park, alongside a small group of friendly-looking women whose momma bodies didn’t look that different from mine, and I breathed a sigh of relief. Even if I cried on the sidewalk, at least these looked like women I could laugh about it with.

At 35, with my kids turning 5 and 8 years old, I am finally committed to taking my body back. I stepped on a scale at my doctor’s office in February, and I was shocked by the number. I weighed far more than I had when I got pregnant with my older son, and I could not stand my body. Every single place I went, my first instinct was to look around and see if I was the biggest woman in the room, and I never felt confident....


On the fence about trying a Stroller Strides class? Here are a few common concerns many of our moms have before they try their first class…

I am too out of shape to keep up.

We strive to make Stroller Strides a welcoming and safe place for all moms, and you don’t need to worry if it’s your first time exercising in years. We will take care of you and welcome you with open arms!

Our classes are designed to be accessible to pregnant moms, moms who haven’t exercised in years, newly postpartum moms and moms who are in excellent shape and looking for a challenge. Our highly trained instructors will offer modifications for every exercise to make sure all of our moms feel successful and challenged at a level that is comfortable to them.

My baby/toddler/older child will hate being in the stroller for an hour.

Our class formats are designed to keep the kids moving, entertained and happy. Many of the exercises include interaction with the little ones in the strollers, and our instructors are armed with bubbles, toys, books,...


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